What is the role of a GP?

Who do you see when you have a stomachache, headache, or skin rash? What about when you’re feeling down and depressed? You’ll likely need to go to different types of doctors for each concern. But, what if you experience two or more unrelated symptoms? Do you really want to see different doctors for each health issue separately? Fortunately, you don’t have to. General practitioners (GP) are trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses and conditions, so you only need to see one doctor for most of your health concerns. However, do make sure that you choose a doctor Portside residents can trust.

What is a general practitioner?

General practitioners are medical doctors who have completed training in general practice. They have broad skills and knowledge when it comes to providing care and diagnosis for most types of illnesses. They are often the first ones patients see when they have any health issue. Their GP in Ascot will then decide if they need to be referred to another health professional who is a specialist in a certain branch of medicine.

What can your GP do for you?

GPs are trained to treat the person, not just the disease. That’s why they can provide you with the care that is best suited for your needs. Here are just some of the things your GP can help you with.

  • Health advice
  • Minor illnesses and injuries
  • Prescriptions for medicines
  • Health screening
  • Ongoing care for patients with chronic conditions
  • Vaccinations
  • Prenatal care for normal pregnancy
  • Care for children

A GP in Hamilton can also provide a medical certificate, report, or document about an injury or that you are fit to work. Additionally, before you can receive any cosmetic procedure, a reputable cosmetic injectables Portside clinic will require that you get a clearance from your doctor that you are healthy to receive any cosmetic procedure.

What to consider when looking for a GP

Here are some things you need to consider when choosing the best primary care doctor Portside has to offer.

  • Can you be honest with them and do they listen to what you have to say?
  • Are you comfortable with them?
  • Are they highly recommended by people you know?
  • Does their clinic have opening hours that suit your schedule?
  • Is it easy to get an appointment?

Why do you need to see a GP?

You should see your GP at least once a year for preventive care. However, they offer so much more than that. Here are some of the other reasons why you may want to see the best primary care doctor Portside has today. See more here doctor Portside

  • They provide holistic care, so you only need to make one appointment to discuss all health issues you may be experiencing.
  • Talking to a primary care doctor you trust will help you feel more comfortable during your checkups.
  • A GP who has been taking care of you for a very long time is familiar with your and your family medical history, which they use to diagnose and treat you better.


Having to make several appointments for different conditions to different doctors is a bit tedious. Fortunately, at Portside Medical Centre, you don’t have to do that, as their GPs are trained to help with all sorts of medical conditions.

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